Root Green Shoppe is a woman-owned mother-daughter business that was founded on an 18-mile long island off the coast of New Jersey called Long Beach Island. Our concept stemmed one summer from the idea of going back to a more organic way of life - a more green, conscious, and Earth-friendly lifestyle - basically, going back to our roots.

Our goal is to honor where we live and how kindly Mother Earth has provided us a place to inhabit, prosper, and grow. We decided that we should give back to Mother Earth and our community, how may you ask? By being more mindful of what we put in the air, the ground, the water, and in ourselves.

At Root we understand the concept of a 'sustainable lifestyle' can be daunting, but our goal is to provide small easy ways to help change ones practices. We also get that these changes do not just happen over night, it takes time and it takes a community. Root aspires to help people find their balance within this lifestyle between the environment, the economy, and the Earth.

We believe it takes a community to create progress for a greener world. Root Green Shoppe is created to be the meeting place for this community and to find all  products that are sustainable, recyclable, biodegradable, and cleanly made for your personal care, home, and island needs.


Not just for us, but for Mother Earth too. 

Live Naturally