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Root Green Shoppe is a woman-owned mother-daughter business that was founded on an 18-mile long island off the coast of New Jersey called Long Beach Island. Our concept stemmed one summer from the idea of going back to a more organic way of life - a more green, conscious, and Earth-friendly lifestyle - basically, going back to our roots.

Our goal is to honor where we live and how kindly Mother Earth has provided us a place to inhabit, prosper, and grow. We decided that we should give back to Mother Earth and our community, how may you ask? By being more mindful of what we put in the air, the ground, the water, and in ourselves.

At Root we understand the concept of a 'sustainable lifestyle' can be daunting, but our goal is to provide small easy ways to help change ones practices. We also get that these changes do not just happen over night, it takes time and it takes a community. Root aspires to help people find their balance within this lifestyle between the environment, the economy, and the Earth.

We believe it takes a community to create progress for a greener world. Root Green Shoppe is created to be the meeting place for this community and to find all  products that are sustainable, recyclable, biodegradable, and cleanly made for your personal care, home, and island needs.


Not just for us, but for Mother Earth too. 

Live Naturally

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Want to ask a question or just say hi?

Ask away! Reach us in the shop (check our seasonal hours), Instagram (@rootgreenshoppe), Facebook Page (Root Green Shoppe), or the "talk to us" tab in the  menu.

Where are you located?

We are located on Long Beach Island in New Jersey. Not to be confused with Long Beach, NY or Long Beach, CA.

Do you sell online?

We currently do not sell online. Maybe in the future? You can stop by the store, call, email, or DM us. We will get back to you and see if we can work something out!

Are ALL of your products good for the environment?

All of our products we believe are good for the environment. We have researched, tested, used, and asked question about each of them making sure that they fit our needs, our mission, and our goals. We are constantly looking for the best products that are out there and we know not every brand we carry is perfect but we know they are getting close to it. We support those brands who are trying to make a change.

A lot of your products have packaging, how is that helping the environment?

The packaging for some products are unavoidable, what we do look for in the packaging is if they can be recycled, reused, composed, or tossed away safely helping you create the least amount of waste. 

What do you carry in the store?

Check out our tabs in the menu to see what we carry. Let's just say it is a little bit of everything for everybody. 

I'm a vendor and I would like to sell with you, how do I contact you?

Welcome! You can send us an email to about you and your products.

Talk to Us:
(609) 492.7668 (root)
11106 Long Beach Blvd, Haven Beach, NJ 08008
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