Interior Plant Care

We are now offering full service interior plant maintenance, management and design for those who live in the Ocean County area. We love that plants inspire creativity, increase productivity, create any space to feel goos, and also purify the air. We're here to help you throughout the process in picking plants at our shoppe and helping you take care of them after. 

We work with residential and commercial spaces.

Gardening Equipment

This includes watering, pruning, cleaning, fertilizing, repotting, and pest management.

Plant Nursery

We are offering to care for plants during the winter months or for the duration of a long trip to ensure they stay hydrated and healthy.

Three Plants

We are here to help provide experience in finding the right plant for your space working with residential or commercial spaces. We are willing to rent plants.

Residential Space:

$20.00 per visit / $100.00 per month

$5.00 for more than 10 plants

Commercial Spaces:

$45.00 per visit / $180.00 per month

$65.00 per plant for one month for Winter Storage 

Stored at Root Green Shoppe

Will be labeled, sent weekly photos, and delivered back when house opens.

$20.00 per week one visit a week

LePlease contact us for pricing on renting plants, personal visiting space assessments, and design concepts.

Any plants that die during RGS care will be replaced free of charge.